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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tobey Maguire: Spidey is Here to Get Your Poker Chips

This nerdy hottie has been recently involved in a case which also filed against several celebrity stars, businessme, attorneys and such. Tobias Vincent Maguire known widely for playing the role of the Marvel comic book hero, Spiderman, is unexpectedly proven that he can score at playing texas hold'em poker just as well as at the box office. The lawsuit filed against the actor is still ongoing and his involvement to the Ponzi-schemer, Bradley Ruderman, makes his situation much more stickier than it is.

Real Name: Tobias Vincent Maguire
Nickname: Tobey
Birth Date: June 27, 1975
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA
Spouse: Jennifer Meyer
Children: 2 (Ruby Sweetheart Maguire and Otis Tobias Maguire)

He first debut as a child star taking every opportunity to be famous. In 1989, Tobey's first appearance on screen was in the feature film called, The Wizard, where he plays one of the goons of Lucas Barton. He also done some commercials and other films after that. Tobey Maguire also offered his voice to Lou the beagle puppy in the movie Cats & Dogs. His popularity boosted when he starred as one of the most loved Marvel comic book hero, SpiderMan. He also returned in the two sequels, Spiderman 2 in 2004 and Spiderman 3 in 2007.

Tobey Maguire is married to Jennifer Meyer who is a jewelry designer and the daughter of the COO of Universal Studios, Ronald Meyer. They met at the Universal Studios in the shooting of the 2003 movie, Seabiscuit, which is based on a best selling book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend by the writer Laura Hillenbrand. In April 2006, Tobey and Jennifer were engaged. They were blessed with 2 children, Ruby Sweetheart who was born on 10th November 2006 and Otis Tobias who was born on 8th of May 2009. They were married on the 3rd of September 2007 after their daughter's birth and before their second childs birth.

In the 27th of October 2004, Maguire's poker career started when he won at Phil Hellmuth's Poker Invitational as part of the 8th Annual National Championship of Poker which was held at the Hollywood Park Casino. It was his 1st major poker tournament and suprisingly he won $95,480 becoming the first place in the tourney. Tobey has proven himself as one of the toughest poker players in the industry. This Spiderman hottie is a eminent danger to anyone who wants to challenge his poker skills. He makes his bankroll higher by playing on private poker matches held on his Hollywood Hills mansion.

Maguire's poker skills didn't end as he also participated in the World Series Of Poker and beaten almost 123 poker players. He was reportedly won an amazing $10M. He played at the 2007 WSOP but got eliminated at the 4th day making him in the 292nd place. This year, Tobey find himself in a situation much stickier than his character Spiderman's web. He was involved in an illegal poker matches and being sued for operating the said games. Other celebrity poker players named was Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The case is still ongoing but Tobey denies receiving the said amount he won in the illegal poker series. He also defended that they don't need to be licensed because the game was not controlled. Whatever the outcome of this case, we hope that Tobey can win this one. He is one hell of an actor and a poker player. Not to mention a really good father for his two children, Ruby and Otis. Being in the jail wouldn't help him raise this two adorable kids.


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